7 Best Online Advertising Channels for Your Business

Do you feel like you’re continuously wasting your marketing cash? Here are the best online advertising platforms to help you attain your return on investment (ROI) faster.


Even though print advertising, radio, and TV still have some significance for a number of industries, they’re just a huge waste of time for many business owners, particularly those who are home based.

That’s because consumer attention span is getting shorter, and again, these methods don’t hit the nail on the head when it comes to targeting.

On the other hand, online advertising has grown tremendously. Based on a research conducted by Internet World Stats, approximately 3.7 billion people had internet access in March 2017; that’s virtually half the world’s population. For that reason, online advertising gives your business a great opportunity to get noticed by prospective clients and possibly convert them into real customers.

Though I would encourage you to practice search engine optimization (SEO) to make your website more discoverable on the internet, the truth is, it takes a bit of time, persistence, and patience to rank high on Google and other search engines.

Therefore, while you slowly build your search rankings on Google, why not try utilizing your internet marketing budget more efficiently by leveraging the best online advertising channels?


  1. Google Adwords

Google is the biggest search engine in the world, and thus their pay per click (PPC) advertising platform, Google Adwords, is undoubtedly the most effective online advertising channel.

Google Adwords allows you to create images, videos, and text ads to target people searching for certain keywords (you bid on these keywords in Google Adwords auction) on Google search or via behavioral targeting through their Display Network.

Setting up your Google Adwords campaign can be a little complicated especially if you’re a beginner. Fortunately, Google offers you Google Adwords Express, which is an easier way to help you get started.

Options available to you via Google Adwords include:

  • Search Ads – the traditional ads displayed when you perform a search on Google. There are normally 2 to 3 search ads at the top of the organic results and a few others to the right of the search results. With search ads, you can target the specific keywords that people type when they search the internet. However, you’ll have to compete in an auction with other marketers for the top placements.
  • Display Network – ad placements outside of Google search. Google operates other online platforms, including YouTube and Gmail, where you can place your ads. Moreover, they partner with many third party sites, giving their display network a wide reach.
  • Google remarketing – sometimes people will visit your website just to view what you have to offer. With Google’s remarketing platform, you can advertise your products/services to these people as they surf the web. Remarketing is a very effective marketing method, as the people that have already visited your site are more likely to buy from you than those who haven’t.


  1. Bing Ads

These are similar to Google search ads, only that they are provided by Microsoft’s search engine, Bing. Although Bing has a smaller audience than Google, bidding on its keywords is much less expensive than bidding on Google Adwords.

Over the last few years, Bing has made lots of progress in developing their ad platform to make it easier for marketers to run their campaigns. Then again, Bing ads offer you free advertising credits.


  1. 7 Search

7 Search utilizes smaller search engines to display your ads based on your niche. Though it’s a much smaller player in the PPC industry, 7 Search claims a better ROI than some of its bigger counterparts. Then again, bidding on its keywords is a lot less expensive than both Bing ads and Google search. 7 Search also has an excellent client support platform.


Other players in the PPC ad industry include InfoLinks and Advertise.com.


  1. Facebook Advertising


With billions of daily users, Facebook is potentially the best online advertising channel for you. FB ads work like traditional PPC ads. However, they’re much better as they employ better targeting mechanisms than traditional PPC ads. Then again, with Facebook, you can combine images, videos, and text in the same ad, making it more appealing to your prospects.

While traditional PPC ads usually target prospects by user behavior (searching for certain products or services), FB ads target your prospects by user demographics and interests.

For that reason, their advertising platform is the unbeaten champion in targeting, and if you know your ideal client correctly, Facebook can be a very powerful advertising platform for you. Facebook’s video ad platform is currently seeking to rival YouTube and it seems to push out new amazing features each week.


  1. Twitter Advertising

While Twitter has been around for quite a while with promoted trends and tweets, it’s been way out of the budget for small businesses. However, Twitter has now launched a platform to make it less expensive for small business owners to advertise their products/services.


  1. LinkedIn Ads


Are you in the professional service or B2B industry? Then it’s time to try LinkedIn ads. Although these ads are more expensive than all the channels listed here, they help you target other professionals and businesses in the best way possible.

This platform is quite easy to use. Then, with its numerous, detailed user profiles, it offers you exceptionally detailed targeting choices.


  1. Pinterest Ads

Pinterest operates an advertising tool known as Promoted Pins. This is quite an interesting platform, letting you promote your business through graphics. You can purchase some Promoted Pins for these marketing goals:

  • Awareness
  • Engagement
  • Traffic

In case your business targets women (like selling handbags or beauty products), and you’re capable of creating visually attractive graphics (you can get someone to do it for you), Pinterest could be the best online advertising channel for you.


Consider combining paid advertising with organic marketing endeavors (search engine optimization strategies), as the two marketing methods work best when used together. While paid ads expose your business to your prospects, SEO helps your prospects find your business easily.

Then again, SEO makes your business appear more trustworthy, as the websites that appear among the top organic search results are deemed to be more reputable.

Do you know of any other great online advertising platforms? Feel free to send your inputs.

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