10 Essential Tips for Effective Marketing on Facebook

Want to take Facebook marketing seriously? Here are some essential tips for marketing on Facebook that will set you up for success.


  1. Don’t Use FB for Aggressive Selling


FB is a social place where folks have fun chatting with friends, checking out photos and videos, and just relaxing. For that reason, you’ve got to join or start casual conversations and become part of a community, instead of being an outsider who’s always talking about business and work.

Here are some aggressive selling tactics to avoid:

  • Using advertising slogans such as “Buy Now” too often
  • Publishing posts repeatedly about a certain product/service
  • Posting lists of products and their prices as comments in a totally unrelated conversation

Such tactics will result in people unfollowing you. Some people may even go as far as posting negative comments about your business.


  1. Have a Precise Goal and a Strategy for Achieving It

When marketing your business with Facebook, it’s essential that you have a clear target and a clear strategy to reach it. For instance, a home based nutritional supplements seller may decide that her goal is to increase the sales generated through FB by 15% in the next one year. Her strategy may include:

  • Publishing a post each morning featuring the day’s special product, and using a coupon code to boost sales and track them to FB
  • Posting a photo daily featuring a recent satisfied client (of course, with their consent)
  • Encouraging clients to post their own photos enjoying green tea or another product they bought from her

Setting a precise goal and strategy gives you a sense of direction for your campaign and a way to assess your progress and success.


  1. Give a Human Voice to Your Business


FB users are social people, and thus they like talking to other people as opposed to impersonal business entities. The person you charged with managing your business page needs to be able to write posts in a tone that’s real and likeable, with a style that suits your business.


  1. Post Regularly

Unlike conventional media outlets like magazines and TV or other media like websites, the social networks are built around regular updates.

According to statistics, more than half of all Facebook users check their profiles daily, looking to see if someone out there has posted something new and interesting. Some social media experts recommend posting at least once per day. However, I would recommend posting at least 3 times per week, and making sure that each of your posts has something fresh and fascinating. You also need to do some research to know how frequently your audience wants to hear from you.


  1. Encourage Your Audience to Comment


Encourage other FB users to comment to your posts and to publish their own posts about your business or topics that are of interest to the both of you. When they post comments to your posts, respond quickly especially where they ask questions – responding within 24 hours is okay. Failing to respond to their posts or comments will weaken your fans’ willingness to engage with you. Eventually, they will drift away.


  1. Use Photos and Videos More Often

Based on recent studies, photos and videos attract the most engagement rates on the social networks. This makes sense because photos and videos are the most appealing types of content to the human brain. Therefore, use them more frequently to keep your fans engaged and entertained. For instance:

  • A shoe merchant could post photos of her new stock as it arrives
  • A real estate broker could post photos of new for sale houses
  • A massage therapist could post videos serving clients


  1. Make Your Page More Interactive With Promotions and Surveys

Get more interactive with contests, surveys, offers, etc. Folks like it when FB is fun, and when it’s able to deliver something they can’t get in any other way.

According to research, giveaways and discounts are the most common reasons for clients to follow the FB page of a business. Likewise, you can use contests and games to make your page livelier.

You can also use FB to distribute client surveys. Be sure to keep your surveys short and include a survey link that’s clickable and easy to share with friends.


  1. Nurture Your Relationships

It takes time to build lasting relationships with other FB users, and so you’ve got to be patient. Engage sincerely with other users in conversations, offer valuable content, and reward your loyal clients to encourage them to spread the word about your business.


  1. Promote Your FB Page


I bet you have a Facebook page for your business. Consider leveraging paid social to make your page more popular. Through paid FB ads, your page will be marketed to users that have searched for products/services close to the ones you offer. Your page could be marketed to a huge number of users like 5000 or more based on the plan you choose. The good thing with paid FB ads is that they offer you fine targeting; you get to select the demographics and interests of your target market. Then again, paid FB ads are relatively cheaper than most other means of advertising including Adwords.

Another way of promoting your FB page is to embed it on your website. This way, you will make it possible for visitors to like your page from your site without having to go to FB.


  1. Make Use of Facebook Insights

Facebook Audience Insights refer to FB’s free analytics tool. This tool helps you learn more about your customers and helps you assess the effectiveness of your efforts.

Once you know the traits of your fans, you can tailor your offers and posts to meet their interests and needs. For instance, if you’re a clothing retailer who caters to clients of all ages but most of your fans are teens, you may focus on outfits and FB posts suitable for teenagers. Or, if you’re an ecommerce seller who never meets clients in person, Facebook Audience Insights may give you a clear picture of who they are by showing you their interests, locations, and ages.


To succeed on Facebook, don’t forget to update your business page regularly according to changes in your business or the market. Also, remember to engage actively with your customers.

Want to implement these tactics but just don’t have the time? Let us do it for you!

Talk to Mary now (on maryjoykimmy@gmail.com).


Essential tips for marketing with Facebook

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